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BeyondCore 6 with Truly Dynamic Dashboards
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BeyondCore 6 automatically delivers the most important and relevant business insights to users on the schedule they choose, with zero manual effort. Traditional dynamic dashboards show the same graphs each day with data updated to reflect changes in values.

But what if you want to know the reason your business either achieved, or failed to achieve, its goals?

Even if you achieved your goals for the day, what if you want to know what part of your business contributed and what segment of the business underperformed? What if the pattern was just a blip in your data and not an actionable trend? Current dashboards don’t help with that either.

BeyondCore’s truly dynamic dashboards present the most important graphs in order of their impact on your revenue or costs today and distinguishes between trends and blips.

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Feature Data Discovery
With Others
BeyondCore Fundamentals
Add a specified graph
Drill down to a graph
Truly dynamic dashboards -
One-click automated data cleansing -
One-click hypothesis-free analysis -
Guided custom analysis -
Descriptive analysis (what happened) Manual Hunting Automated Smart Discovery Automated Smart Discovery
Narrative explanation for each graph -
Automated tests for statistical soundness -
Animated Briefing (in HTML) -
Download in Word, PowerPoint -
K-anonymity for privacy -
Audit and monitoring -
Diagnostic analysis (why it happened) - Some
Predictive analysis (what will happen) - -
Prescriptive analysis (how to improve it) - -
Export auto-created models in R - -

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Gartner recognizes BeyondCore as a smart data discovery vendor with a complete portfolio of capabilities in this space.

Smart Data Discovery Will Enable a New Class of Citizen Data Scientist, Rita L. Sallam, Josh Parenteau, 29 June 2015.

We are impressed with BeyondCore's ability to make its output digestible to its audience. The story-creation functionality is spot on, not only suggesting what happened, but why.

BeyondCore Continues Quest to Bring Advanced Analytics to the Masses with BeyondCore for Office, James Curtis, 22 May 2015.

This is an analytics tool for every employee and it potentially could be a game-changer, having as big an impacted as Word or Excel did in their day.

New Office Tool Brings Analytics for Everyone, 2015, Rob Enderle, CIO Magazine.

Today, dozens of the world’s largest companies have been able to solve problems...using BeyondCore’s patented algorithmic programs. In a sea of so-called advanced analytics companies, BeyondCore stands out for this simple reason: [BeyondCore CEO Arijit] Sengupta is making rocket science accessible to the masses.

BeyondCore Is Bringing Empowerment To Analytics, Bruce Rogers, 25 August 2015.