Encore of BeyondCore's Gartner Summit Presentation

Why 80% of BI Projects Fail. And The Solution.

The Analytical Enterprise Knows

Time and again, surveys of corporate executives show that high cost business intelligence projects have a high rate of failure. As many as 80% of projects fail.

A contributing factor to this problem is the failure of existing BI and analytics tools to explain the stories hidden in the data, and the lack of explanation of what specific actions can be taken in response to declining KPIs.

Learn about the solution. Learn how BeyondCore tells you what part of your business changed today, why exactly it changed, and what to do about it.

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  • The Solution to BI Project Failures
  • Friday, April 1st
  • 10:00 am to 11:00 am Pacific

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Today, dozens of the world’s largest companies have been able to solve problems...using BeyondCore’s patented algorithmic programs. In a sea of so-called advanced analytics companies, BeyondCore stands out for this simple reason: [BeyondCore CEO Arijit] Sengupta is making rocket science accessible to the masses.

BeyondCore Is Bringing Empowerment To Analytics, Bruce Rogers, 25 August 2015.